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David Max Photography | Studio 326 was recruited by DeCarlos Jones and Marcella Smith of Next Flight Records, Inc. They requested a beach location shoot in Ocean Beach for rap artist Bobby Jackson of San Diego, California. Marcella Smith of Next Flight Records, Inc and David scouted a beach location in the Ocean Beach, California, where they could take advantage of it’s colorful street lights and interesting backgrounds.

Equipped with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 85mm T 1.2 L series lens, David determined the aperture needed based on getting just the right “out-of-focus” look he wanted with the background street lights. Using “AV priority” and two E-TTL strobes, the softboxes automatically threw out the correct illumination for the chosen aperture / ISO / shutter speed combination. One Profoto 1 x 4′ strip light and one Calumet 24 x 36″ crated softbox.