Matt Guthmiller


Matt Guthmiller

I was enlisted by Warner Communications PR to photograph Matt Guthmiller, a young MIT student and pilot, at San Diego’s Gillespie Field. Matt will be the youngest person to ever attempt to circumnavigate the globe. He will be doing so in a small single engine/single prop craft leaving San Diego mid-March. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon around 4 pm to a capture a handful of images to be used by WarnerPR for publicity.

Matt will be working with the charity organization, “CORE.ORG” to raise money to get computer science and technology courses into public schools. Working one reflector and the L series 85mm T 1.2 and 24 – 70mm T 2.8, we were fortunate to be shooting in the late afternoon. After a short while, a thin cloud layer came in over the western sky creating a much more manageable and softer light. Constant aperture of 2.8 in AV mode.

(No post-production enhancements – just straight photography and a good rapport with Matt ;-)”


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