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Retouching corporate and executive portraits in San Diego, CA

With every corporate or business portrait comes the question, “How much should I retouch?”. It is not uncommon for photographers today to include a certain minimum amount of retouching even before presenting proofs to the client. So how do we determine what is a reasonable amount of retouching? There are many variables, from gender, to […]

Corporate Headshots & Retouching | San Diego, CA

Thomas Medvetz is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on the role of experts, professionals, and intellectuals in modern societies. Tom came to the studio last year for a publicity head shot for new his book, “Think Tanks in America”, which I just discovered is now […]


I took these pictures yesterday and they make a pretty good example of using a “tilt/shift” lens to correct distortions in perspective when photographing architecture. The tilt/shift lens allows the relationship between the lens and the film plane to be manipulated, like a traditional view camera. The lens and film plane are “locked” perpendicular to […]


I was enlisted by Warner Communications PR to photograph Matt Guthmiller, a young MIT student and pilot, at San Diego’s Gillespie Field. Matt will be the youngest person to ever attempt to circumnavigate the globe. He will be doing so in a small single engine/single prop craft leaving San Diego mid-March. We arrived on a […]


Last month we posted images from a CD cover shoot for vocalist Sarah Ingraham and jazz pianist Kamao Kenyatta. Here are a few of their selections, along with two examples to see “before and after” the image editing and retouching. Skin softening, blemish removal, and teeth/eye-whitening. We also removed a small crack in the plaster […]