Retouching Corporate Headshots | San Diego, CA

Retouching corporate and executive portraits in San Diego, CA

Retouching Corporate Headshots | San Diego, CA

With every corporate or business portrait comes the question, “How much should I retouch?”. It is not uncommon for photographers today to include a certain minimum amount of retouching even before presenting proofs to the client. So how do we determine what is a reasonable amount of retouching?

There are many variables, from gender, to age, to perceived vanity and/or self-consciousness. This is when listening to your client and asking questions becomes very important. I make a point of asking clients to share previous portraits that they have either been very happy with, or very disappointed with.

By looking at images together, a lot of important information comes through. I will usually hear a candid evaluation of their experience with their previous photographer, and I learn a great deal by paying attention. It is much easier for a customer to talk objectively about their appearance when looking at photograph, and I will often discover a number of helpful things that will improve our sitting together.

Comments about their  “best side (of face)”, anxieties about hair, or weight, or default expressions they go to when nervous — all very useful stuff for a portrait photographer. Most importantly, it breaks the ice. Meeting a customer just minutes before a shoot puts a burden of awkwardness on both photographer and subject.

Ultimately, a portrait speaks to the level of comfort you can create for your client in a very unnatural environment. If they are relaxed and happy, 99% of the time you will have a very successful shoot.




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