Retouching & Image Editing: Publicity Head Shot in San Diego:

Corporate Headshots & Retouching | San Diego, CA

Headshot Retouching & Image Editing: Publicity Headshot | San Diego, CA

Thomas Medvetz is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on the role of experts, professionals, and intellectuals in modern societies.

Tom came to the studio last year for a publicity head shot for new his book, “Think Tanks in America”, which I just discovered is now available through

This book jacket portrait makes a good example of the importance of good image editing and retouching. Below is the original publicity image taken, at Studio 326 in La Jolla, CA:


Unretouched/orig. background

  • Tom’s photo needed all the usual components of a “head retouch”, i.e.,  skin smoothing blemish removal, eye whitening teeth brightening, etc.
  • Additionally, I felt the chosen background was too close in color and tone to Tom’s wardrobe choice for the day.
  • So we opted to do an electronic background replacement with a more neutral gray and a gradient “glow” around the contours of body.
  • The end result is perhaps a little stronger than I’d like but the client was quite happy. I think the photo appeared “as is” on the book jacket.

This is the result —-

Retouched/background replacement

Retouched/background replacement


About the Author:

In Thomas’s book, “Think Tanks in America”, UCSD sociologist Tom Medvetz argues that the unsettling ambiguity of the think tank is less an accidental feature of its existence than the very key to its impact. By combining elements of more established sources of public knowledge—universities, government agencies, businesses, and the media—think tanks exert a tremendous amount of influence on the way citizens and lawmakers perceive the world, unbound by the more clearly defined roles of those other institutions.


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